Breaching with Bros in Rainbow Six Siege

So the other night I was playing some Rainbow Six Siege with some randos. Everyone had a mic, and we were doing some serious coordinating. There isn't a better feeling in games than planning out your strategy, and executing (close) to perfection. (I might have dropped a grenade on my teammate when I got shot - but lets not worry about that)

We found our objective, planned our breach, hung dudes upside down to shoot at the other team while the guy with the shield took the punishment. It was awesome. 

Because I pulled the video off my PS4 after the fact, you can't hear me talking, but you get to bask in the glory of these screaming ratball bros. They were nice though, so it could have been worse.

The best part is that we did it again. Except for the fact that someone accidentally team killed one of the guys on the ropes, making him hilariously hang there for a second. 

Although the dudes I was with might have been screaming man-babies, we devised this plan, and performed well while communicating and blasting caps. It was really fun. This is the kind of moment that I play games for.